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Putting diesel in your petrol car can be an extremely costly mistake and yet it happens more often than you would think. When diesel is put into a petrol tank, the motor will struggle to start and not run smoothly. The vehicle will eventually come to a halt as if you have broken down. The important part is to act fast, so if you realize you have put the wrong fuel in the tank, contact Sydney Fuel Assist straight away and we will come to you.

We are qualified and licensed with over 25 years’ experience in auto mechanics, and experts in roadside fuel draining. As we are mobile, we come to you so there are no expensive towing fees or downtime at a busy mechanical workshop. We will drain the fuel tank on the spot, refuel and get you back on the road in no time. So if you have misfulled by mistake, don’t panic, we can help you. Call us now on 0415 073 306.



Sydney Fuel Assist specializes in wrong fuel removal & rescue for vehicle owners who have accidentally miss fueled.

If you’ve filled your petrol car with diesel by mistake, you shouldn’t turn on your engine, or put the key in the ignition as this can circulate the contaminating fuel. The problem can be solved, however, by a full, professional drain of your fuel tank. At Sydney Fuel Assist, we rescue drivers across the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond, using the very latest fuel drain technology to ensure your tank is 99% free of contaminated fuels.

Hopefully, you will realize you have put the wrong fuel in your car before you turn the engine on because if you do start the vehicle there could be significantly more damage done to your engine. Once the vehicle is on, the diesel starts running through your engine and mixing with the remaining petrol. This can cause problems with the spark plugs and the entire fuel system including the filters, pumps and fuel system seals. The longer you drive the vehicle, the more costly the repairs can be.

Don’t drive any further, just keep your engine off and call us as soon as possible. We operate an emergency service that will treat your job as a priority, so you can continue on your journey and avoid significant engine damage.

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Why we are the most trusted and best wrong fuel removal specialists in Sydney

  • Experts in wrong fuel removal and engine recovery
  • Licenced motor vehicle repairer
  • We come to you. Save time and money with no towing or workshop costs and delays
  • We use the latest technology which is fast and safe
  • Experience with thousands of wrong fuel removal situations over several years
  • Outstanding reviews from satisfied customers
  • Eco-friendly fuel disposal meeting NSW EPA standards (Environment Protection Authority)
  • Member of the IAME (Institute of Mechanical Engineers) Australia’s authority in mechanic licenses and education
  • Fully insured
  • No start, no fee

What Our Clients Say

What would have been a horrific day, was turned around very quickly by these guys!! They responded and came very quickly. The guy was friendly and very helpful. Even tried to make jokes to lighten the mood, as he could see how stressed I was. He had me back on the road in no time. Literally saved my day! and saved me lots of money. I definitely highly recommend these guys!!
– Lyla Mostic

Called these guys out to help with an emergency at 1.00 am. They arrived quickly and told me the cost in advance. Really knowledgeable and personable guy who did what he said he would do and charged what he said he would charge. Was very thorough and professional made sure the issue was fixed before sending me on my way. Highly recommended.
– Andy P

Great guy to deal with. Honest and prompt work. Had my ute back on the road saving me thousands at the dealer for an engine repair!
– Dom Nemm

I am very happy… good service… you can always rely… reasonable charges…
– Rijo Joseph

Prideri was an absolute professional today, after e10 going into my Santa Fe instead of Diesel I was so worried about how much damage I may have caused to my vehicle. I found Prideri on the internet and called in the early morning, he was able to come out within no time, was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do, was able to get the car started and back on the road. I would certainly recommend Prideri to anyone that may have accidentally made the same mistake I did.
– Belinda Turner

Prompt and professional service. Sydney Fuel Assist was out within 30 minutes of my call. They drained my fuel tank of the contaminated fuel and I was able to drive off within an hour without engine damage. As the alternative was to have my car towed to a VW service centre which being late Friday prior to a long weekend meant there would have been a delay getting my car back on the road, Sydney Road Assist was by far the better and least expensive option. Highly recommended.
– Phillip Mamacan

Very quick service and great job done, these guys are very reactive in a sometimes dire situation
– Jason Preston

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