Can a Mobile Rescue Team Help With Wrong Fuelling My Car?

rescue from wrong fuel

Some mechanics and roadside assistance organisations will tell you that you have to have your vehicle towed to a mechanical workshop to have the fuel drained if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car.

This is not true and there’s a much easier and faster solution than you’d think!

How Can It Be Fixed On the Spot?

There’s really no need for the inconvenience of organising a tow truck, going through the exhaustion of having the car towed and then having to pay workshop prices to have the vehicle’s fuel drained.

If you’ve put diesel in a petrol car, or more commonly petrol in a diesel vehicle, then you can have the fuel drained on the spot, wherever you are in Sydney, and our licensed mechanical team can get you back on the road immediately.

It’s perfectly safe for our qualified technicians to drain your vehicle of the wrong fuel you’ve put in the car wherever you are and there is absolutely no reason to have the car towed and you don’t have to take it to a mechanical workshop.

Sydney Fuel Assist are experienced and licensed mobile mechanics and we are fully qualified in helping you get moving after you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car.

Contact Us For a Mobile Fuel Drain and Engine Recovery

Our expert team of fuel drain specialists have all the required equipment and know-how to drain your vehicle on the spot and get you back on the road again.

We even change the spark plugs of the vehicle if required and this service is of no extra cost to you. This ensures you get back on the road without damaging your vehicle.

Don’t waste time and money on having your car towed – call our mobile fuel rescue team and we’ll come to you anywhere throughout Sydney.

We can also fuel you up with the right fuel on the spot to get you going straight away at an affordable price.

Call our team today on 0415 073 306 or 1300 813 899.