Why Fuel Draining Is the Best Option When You’ve Put Petrol in a Diesel

put petrol instead of diesel

A fuel drain is the process of removing the wrong fuel from your diesel vehicle to ensure that all traces of the petrol are removed. We then perform testing to assess if there are any issues with the engine and to ensure that no damage has occurred as a result of the wrong fuel being put into the vehicle.

It’s not safe or advisable to try to siphon the fuel yourself – let an expert mobile fuel drain mechanic do that for you!

Can Sydney Fuel Assist Put the Right Fuel In?

Once you’ve had the fuel drained from your diesel engine you’re going to want to get back on the road again as soon as possible. Sydney Fuel Assist offer a service a full service to get you going again.

We can top up your tank with fuel to ensure your vehicle has the right fuel to get you on your way and get the engine going again. It also ensures the right fuel is pumping through your vehicle when it needs it the most.

Why You Can Trust Sydney Fuel Assist

Our team of fuel drain experts will come to you, wherever you are in Sydney, and we operate our services 24/7. So, no matter where you’ve made the mistake of putting petrol in your diesel engine, you can rest assured that we’ll be available to rescue you in an emergency.

Our team of qualified mechanics are also fully insured so you have complete peace of mind when utilising our fuel drainage services.

Contact us at Sydney Fuel Assist now and we can help you out with your wrong fuel emergency! Call 0415 073 306 or 1300 813 899.