How to Drain the Wrong Fuel from Your Vehicle

diesel in petrol car

Put the wrong fuel in your car? It’s an awful feeling. And once you have done it there is no going back! Here is how to organise to drain the fuel from your car if you do make this mistake.

  1. Search for a Mobile Fuel Drain Service

Use your mobile device or computer to search online for a mobile fuel drain service. The method you use will depend on where you realised you’ve mis-fuelled. If you are at home, it may be easier to do a search online using your favourite browser. Type in “Wrong Fuel Removal” and the city to bring up a list of results.

  1. Check out Reviews and Ratings to Find the Best One

Go to the wrong fuel company’s website and find out what their customers have to say about them before you book. Do they have 5 star ratings? Are there any bad reviews? Always use a highly reputable company such as Sydney Fuel Assist.


Here is what our clients have to say:

“Called these guys out to help with an emergency at 1.00am. They arrived quickly and made sure they fixed the issue before sending me on my way.”


“I was so worried about how much damage I may have caused to my vehicle. Prideri knew exactly what to do and I was able to get the car started and back on the road in no time.”


“Sydney Fuel Asist was out within 30 minutes of my call. I was able to drive off within the hour with no engine damage. By far the best and most affordable option.”

  1. What are Their Hours of Service?

Check the hours of service for the mobile fuel drain company. Some companies only work 9 am-5pm. At Sydney Fuel Assist we offer a 24/7 service.

  1. What Locations do the Fuel Drain Company Service?

Ensure that the wrong fuel removal company services your area. Sydney Fuel Assist cover all areas of Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and can help you out in an emergency in NSW regional areas as well.

  1. DO NOT Attempt to Remove the Fuel Yourself

We highly stress that you should use a professional to drain fuel. Draining the fuel yourself can be a dangerous procedure. There is a risk of breathing in toxic fumes and splashing yourself with fuel and severely damaging the eyes, face or body.

We have also seen damage to the fuel tank occur many times when people have attempted to drain the wrong fuel themselves.

  1. Call Sydney Fuel Assist

Sydney Fuel Assist are professionals that can help you with wrong fuel assistance. Once the fuel has been drained, the fuel should be safely disposed of and within guidelines set by the Environment Protection Authority of which we can do for you at a small, additional cost. Call us any time of the day or night on 0415 073 306. Our service is friendly, professional, fast and affordable.