Professional Service in An Emergency – Belinda

wrong fuel rescue

Many people panic when they’ve put the wrong fuel into their diesel engine and that’s exactly what happened to our customer Belinda, who expressed her fear when she realised her wrong fuel mistake.

She said that after putting E10 into her diesel vehicle, she was worried she had caused irreparable damage to her car. Her instant thought was that she may have caused long term and expensive issues for her Santa Fe.

Belinda was surprised to learn that with Sydney Fuel Assist’s services, she could have the fuel drained without any harm to her vehicle and the engine.

Often customers who use Sydney Fuel Assist’s services are surprised at what they can do and how they can quickly fix the situation without causing damage to the motor.

Belinda said she had put the wrong fuel in her diesel tank in the early hours of the morning and was concerned she wouldn’t be able to find a resolution at that time of day.

But she easily located Sydney Fuel Assist online and was impressed that they came to her rescue quickly and were there in no time.

The beauty of Sydney Fuel Assist is that they operate 24/7 and that’s 7 days a week, so no matter when you’ve made your wrong fuel mistake, the team are there to help you out!

Belinda was so pleased and relieved to find out about this quick response time to get her going again.

She also commented on how extremely knowledgeable that Sydney Fuel Assist was and how they knew exactly what to do to remove the wrong fuel and take all precautions to make sure her engine wasn’t harmed.

She was happy and delighted that she was able to get the car started and back on the road with minimal hassle and with a safe vehicle to drive away in.

Belinda says she would certainly recommend the Sydney Fuel Assist team to anyone that may have accidentally made the same mistake she did by putting the wrong fuel in their diesel engine.

Belinda is just one of the glowing testimonials you’ll read about the fast, professional, and knowledgeable service you’ll receive from Sydney Fuel Assist.

Call us in a wrong fuel emergency on 0415 07 306.