Insurance and warranty cover for putting in the wrong fuel

Wrong fuel in car

Is putting in the wrong fuel in my car covered by insurance?

It is quite simple to put the wrong type of fuel in your car – i.e. put petrol instead of diesel or visa versa. We strongly recommend calling in the experts if this occurs. Attempting to drain the fuel yourself can cause you more problems and can also be dangerous.

Our mobile fuel rescue team of mechanics can help for a price much more affordable than towing to a workshop.

Does Insurance cover me for wrong fuel removal?

Putting petrol in a diesel is an error which is surprisingly common. Read your Insurance Policy carefully. Insurance companies do not usually cover you if you put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle. If you further damage your car by trying to drain the fuel yourself, or by driving the car when the wrong type of fuel has been put in your car, you are likely to be out of pocket for all of these costs as well.

Does Warranty cover me if I put in the wrong fuel?

Your warranty will be void if you contact the dealer with your wrong fuel mistake. Any damage that occurs to your engine as a result of driving with the wrong fuel in your car will not be covered either. If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle do not drive the vehicle call Sydney fuel assist to fix it

Summary Points

  • Misfuelling is easy to do and a common error, but don’t assume your insurer will cover you for any damage that occurs to your vehicle as a result of the incident
  • Check your insurance policy carefully to see if you are covered for wrong fuelling
  • Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is not covered by warranty


What do I do if I put petrol in my diesel car?

  • If you have put petrol into a diesel car do not start the engine. Call us on 0415 073 306 and we will drain the fuel immediately and dispose of it safely.

Putting diesel into a petrol vehicle is harder to do as these bowser nozzles are designed so that they are larger than the petrol nozzles. The nozzles won’t fit into a petrol car. If you do manage to put petrol in your diesel engine the results are not as likely to be so damaging. If you do this and drive the car, the engine may start to shutter and then stop.

If you have put the wrong fuel into your car do not drive the vehicle and call the experts. If you drive the car before you have realised the mistake, pull up as soon as possible and contact professional fuel removers.


If you put petrol in your car instead of diesel, or diesel instead of petrol don’t panic we can help! Our team at Sydney Fuel Assist can come to your 24/7. Call 0415 073 306