Tips on Refuelling Fueling Your Vehicle

Put Petrol in a diesel engine

Fueling your vehicle can be safe and stress-free. There are ways to save more on petrol too. Here are some tips:

  • Be Alert

Always be alert when you are filling with petrol. Watch other traffic when you are driving and walking in the service station. When we are in a hurry it is easy to do things such as put your wallet or mobile phone on the roof of the car and drive off, leave your credit or debit card with the fuel attendant, put the wrong type of fuel in a car, leave the petrol cap off etc.


  • Keep Safe

Ensure that children are observed at all times at petrol stations. There are many large moving vehicles at petrol stations and children are not always observant. Ensure that kids stay in the car when possible or are well supervised.


  • Turn Off the Engine

Turn off the engine at the petrol station while waiting for your turn at the bowser and particularly while filling with fuel. There is always a chance that fuel can dribble through the nozzle and become a fire threat. It is always safe to kill the engine as a precaution.


  • Be Aware of Thieves

Thieves are opportunists and if you leave your car unlocked whilst filling up or paying for your fuel you risk valuable items being stolen from your car or having your car itself stolen. Lock up when you leave the vehicle.


  • Avoid Fire Hazards

Never light a cigarette and avoid static electricity which can create sparks and cause a fire. If you do have static electricity touch something metal like the car door and the electrons will leave your body and give you a little shock. There are many things at service stations that can cause fires. Do not use lighters or matches and avoid using a magnifying glass.


  • Take Note of the Fuel Type that You are Using

Putting in the wrong fuel type can be inconvenient so ensure that you know whether the vehicle that you are driving takes petrol or diesel. And take note when you fill up! It can be very easy to absentmindedly use the wrong fuel type and need to have it professionally drained from your vehicle.


If you put petrol in a diesel engine or visa versa, you can do irreparable damage to your motor. Call professionals for a wrong fuel drain ASAP. Although it may be possible that the car starts and drives briefly, it will break down. As soon as you realise the error, get professional help.


Diesel acts as a lubricant which helps the fuel pump to do its job. Petrol on the other hand increases friction between components of the diesel engine. It is bad news for the engine in both cases.


  • There are Ways to Save on Your Fuel Bill

We are all looking for ways to save money. Shop around for the best deal. There are usually service stations in Sydney areas that have cheaper fuel prices than others. Also, fuel is a liquid that’s molecules expand when heated so filling up at a cooler time of the day means that you get better value. Cheaper is not always best in petrol engines either. The more expensive fuel types treat your engine better and your fuel will generally last longer as well.


Refuel before your tank hits empty. A larger void space encourages fuel evaporation. So, fill up as often as possible!



Call Sydney Fuel Assist if you put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol engine. Do not drive the car. We are contactable 24/7 on 0415 073 306 or 1300 813 899. Our service is friendly, professional, fast, and affordable.