Prompt And Professional Service – Phillip

Wrong fuel in car

When you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you could have visions of standing by the side of the road waiting for hours for help to arrive and this can add to the stress of an already stressful situation!

Phillip discovered that it didn’t have to be that way when dealing with Sydney Fuel Assist, as the team was out to him within 30 minutes of his initial call. He was extremely impressed with the prompt and fast response time from the team.

Phillip says that Sydney Fuel Assist was able to drain his tank of the wrong fuel he had put into his vehicle on the spot, without needing to be taken to a mechanics workshop or service centre.

His initial thought was that he would be paying for a tow truck to take his car to a VW service centre and this would have been another expense on top of the fuel drain to remove the contaminated fuel.

This isn’t necessary when you’ve wrong fuelled your vehicle, as Sydney Fuel Assist will drain the fuel wherever you are and get you back on the road. No tow trucks. No service centres. Just on the spot action and correction of the wrong fuel issue.

Phillip was not only impressed with Sydney Fuel Assist’s response time to his call, he also found the efficiency of the fuel drain quick and convenient. He says that the whole situation was rectified within the hour.

Further to this, he was delighted that being late Friday night on a long weekend, that Sydney Fuel Assist were there so promptly and did the job so quickly. As this time of the week with a long weekend approaching would have seen service centres and mechanic’s workshops busy or closed for the weekend.

That would have cost him further delays in getting going and could have meant he had no vehicle for several days. Not to mention the added costs.

Phillip said that Sydney Fuel Assist was by far the better and least expensive option and that he would highly recommend their services to others who find themselves in a wrong fuel situation.

Call us in a wrong fuel emergency on 0415 07 306.