Safe Disposal of Diesel or Petrol Fuel

wrong fuel drain

If you have put petrol in your diesel engine or visa versa, you will need to get it reversed ASAP! Do not drive the car and call a reputable specialist in wrong fuel removal such as Sydney Fuel Assist.  It is important the fuel  is disposed of safely to comply with council and state government regulations andprotect human health, the health of native wildlife and vegetation in the area where it is disposed. Sydney Fuel Assist is EPA compliant and safety disposes of the  contaminated fuel removed from your vehicle.

Use Professionals for Wrong Fuel Drain and Removal

When you are having the wrong fuel drained and removed, always use professionals. Trying to do it yourself can be:

  • Messy
  • Dangerous
  • Hazardous to the environment; and
  • Can lead to damage to your engine.

You save time and money by using professionals for wrong fuel removal and disposal. The team at Sydney Fuel Assist can help and will come to you in all areas of Sydney 24/7.

Disposing of Fuel Yourself Can be Dangerous

Whether the type of fuel you use is premium unleaded, standard unleaded, or diesel it can be very dangerous to dispose of it yourself.

There are government requirements relating to disposing of waste, including fuel and diesel, and additional regulations apply to treating, transporting, sorting, and disposing of it. Sydney Fuel Assist is fully accredited to dispose of petrol and fuel safely.

Protect the Environment

Diesel and petrol fuel has properties that makes them hazardous to the environment. Native vegetation can be damaged if fuel is spilt on it and wildlife can suffer if they come into contact with fuel. When liquid waste removal is tracked and done by the experts the environment is protected. Air, water and soil can be polluted when fuel disposal is improperly managed.


When improperly stored fuel can be dangerous, or even fatal, to humans and animals. Petrol and diesel fuel can be particularly dangerous around children. If fuel is ingested, spilt on the skin or catches alight it can be extremely harmful. Diesel and petrol fuels give off vapours when evaporated that are harmful to all forms of life. The vapours and the liquid waste can affect people, as well as native vegetation and wildlife.

Adverse health effects of fuel handling can include eye irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation and in extreme cases death.

Keeping fuel at unapproved locations or disposing of it incorrectly is simply not worth the risk.

Disposing of Fuel

Fuel is classed in New South Wales as dangerous goods by the ADG code when it comes to storage.

Disposing of old fuel should always be done at an approved centre. When reputable professionals help you with wrong fuel drainage:

  • They will dispose of the fuel for you safely
  • There is no damage to the environment. When diesel or fuel is disposed of incorrectly there can be negative impacts on the environment
  • There is no danger involved when transporting fuel. Wrong fuel companies such as Sydney Fuel Assist are trained and knowledgeable in handling all types of diesel and petrol
  • You and your family and pets are not in danger of health problems created by incorrectly stored fuel
  • The wrong fuel removal company will have the equipment on hand to transport fuel easily
  • You have peace of mind knowing that you and your family’s health and wellbeing is protected

Storing Fuel is Dangerous

A jerry can containing just 25ml of petrol has 800kj of chemical combustion energy. This gives it the explosive potential of 800 cars impacting something when travelling at a speed of 110 km/hour. That’s a lot of damage!


Removing, transporting, and storing petrol or diesel in your garage or on your property can be dangerous, and if the fuel is not drained correctly you can do damage to your engine. Contact us at Sydney Fuel Assist for assistance.